It seems to be a universal truth that all of us are either walking into a challenge, in the middle of a challenge OR just coming out a challenge. That said, it is also true that all of us are either walking into a unique blessing, in the middle of a unique blessing OR coming out of a unique blessing.

These truths are clearly illustrated throughout the Book of Ruth beginning with the challenge of famine that led to Naomi and Elimelek to take their sons, Mahlon and Kilion, and move to Moab. While there, Elimelek died but Mahlon and Kilion were blessed with wives, Orpah and Ruth. After ten years of living in a foreign land, tragedy struck again when Mahlon and Kilion both died, leaving Naomi alone with her two daughters-in-law.

That’s a lot of challenge and not a whole lot of blessing. At least, that’s how it appears at first, but the faithfulness of Ruth to her mother-in-law and Naomi to her daughter-in-law will lead to some interesting developments. As we work through the Book of Ruth we will see how these challenges will directly lead them into a season of very unique blessings — and how these blessings trickled down to every follower of Jesus today.


  1. Ruth (Jay Scott)
  2. Naomi (Jay Scott)
  3. Boaz (Jay Scott)
  4. Redemption (Jay Scott)
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