Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a nine-lesson class on money management taught by America’s most trusted financial guru, Dave Ramsey. Dave and his teaching team will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future and much more.

Financial Peace University will meet every Tuesday evening via Zoom beginning May 5 to June 30 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.

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The topics covered include:

  1. Super Saving: Dave explains the seven Baby Steps that will guide you throughout Financial Peace University.
  2. Relating with Money: Learn why it’s important for spouses to communicate and work together toward success.
  3. Cash Flow Planning: Learning how to take control of your money starts with a budget.
  4. Dumping Debt: It’s time to debunk some common debt myths! Dave gives you a plan to walk out of debt with confidence.
  5. Buyer Beware: Dave draws on decades of experience to reveal the power and influence that marketing has on your everyday buying decisions.
  6. The Role of Insurance: In this lesson, Dave walks you through the world of insurance, carefully explaining what you need—and what you need to avoid.
  7. Retirement and College Planning: Dave walks you through the maze of retirement options and helps you figure out your best retirement plan.
  8. Real Estate and Mortgages: Dave draws on more than 20 years of real estate experience to teach you the ins and outs of mortgages and how to win when buying or selling your home.
  9. The Great Misunderstanding: Learn how generous giving can completely revolutionize your attitude and improve your finances, business and relationships.

Why should you get a FPU membership?

One Financial Peace University membership per family is all you need to get started in a class. After purchasing your membership, you will be able to find a class starting in your area. Please contact the class coordinator (Greg Murray or Eric Johnson) about specific details, or questions.

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About Dave Ramsey

From the Dave Ramsey website:

After losing everything, I went on a quest to find out how money really works, how I could take control of it, and how I could have confidence in handling it. I read everything I could get my hands on. I interviewed older rich people—people who made money and kept it. That quest led me to a really, really uncomfortable place: my mirror. I came to realize that my money problems, worries and shortages largely began and ended with the person in my mirror. I also realized that if I could learn to manage the character I shaved with every morning, I would win with money. I went back to my first love, real estate, to eat and to get out of debt. Along the way, I began another path—the path of helping others, literally millions of others, take the same quest to the mirror.

To learn more about Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University, please visit the Dave Ramsey website. For a preview of what the Financial Peace University class is like, please watch the “FPU Class Preview” video.

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