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Worthington Christian Church has been partnering with Habitat for Humanity since 2017 to build homes for families in need in the greater Columbus area. We do this by dedicating two (sometimes three) days to building materials, building the walls and then delivering the materials to the build site. This is a massive project that requires a team of 150 people to complete.

For regular WCC volunteers, we refer to the weekend as the ‘Habitat Build,’ but the folks at Habitat for Humanity call it, “Help Build Hope” — and that is exactly what it does.

Habitat for Humanity-MidOhio puts it best:

“Affordable, decent housing is one of our most basic human needs, yet it is in alarmingly short supply in our very own neighborhoods and throughout the world. A decent place to call home creates stability, launching families onto a positive trajectory of generational change that includes hope, improved health, and a better quality of life…Through hard work, commitment, and hundreds of hours of sweat equity, Habitat MidOhio partner families are breaking the cycle of poverty through homeownership and creating a brighter future for their children.”

This is why we have chosen to partner with Habitat for Humanity and make the Habitat Build an annual event at WCC. We hope you will join us in making a difference for a family in need here in central Ohio.

Our next Habitat Build will be Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12.

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Planning & Prep

Our Habitat Build is divided into three stages — prep, build and deliver.

Day 1 is Planning & Prep. This is where we cut and prep the wood for Build Day, and as such, the work done on prep day is the foundation of everything that is done on Build Day. Since precise measurements and cuts are required, we contact potential volunteers directly for Day 1.

This isn’t done to exclude anyone from participating. In fact, we would love to add new names to our list of potential volunteers for Prep Day! If you would like to be considered, please contact the church office and please provide a brief run down on your experience in construction, carpentry and/or home improvement work.

NOTE: We are seeking individuals comfortable operating power saw as well as measuring and cutting accurate measurements within 1/16″ and/or has experience reading blueprints for Prep Day. We are also looking for people comfortable with serving as crew leaders for the build. As a crew leader, you will be tasked with supervising and directing your team during Build Day and offering assistance or instruction as needed.


Day 2 is Build. We begin bright and early at 7:00 AM with a light breakfast and devotional. Then we will divide the volunteers into teams of 6 or 7 participants with one crew leader for each team. The crew leader will direct and instruct the members of their team as to their roles and supervise them as they work. The team will assemble walls that will be used in the final construction of the house.

Yes, children are welcome! There are many jobs that they can help with!!

Once the walls are complete, it’s time to load them up and deliver them to the build site. Habitat for Humanity will provide the truck, but we will be providing the muscle. Each 8′ x 8′ wall weighs about 200 lbs., so watch your back and lift with your legs!

NOTE: This year we will be delivering the walls on a DIFFERENT DATE than the build day. We do not have a delivery date yet. As soon as we have one, we will post it here.

Questions? Please contact  Cheryl LaFaber.

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