One of the long-term goals for our fellowship is that we become a people of prayer. Not just that we pray more, but that our prayers are bigger and more meaningful for the kingdom of God, our community, our families and ourselves.

The 56:7 Prayer Ministry takes its name from Isaiah 56:7 where God said, “. . . for my house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.” To help make our goal of being a people of prayer a reality, we always have at least one sermon series a year dedicated to the subject of prayer.

This year, our sermon series about prayer will focus on learning from the Master himself, Jesus. We will examine His prayers recorded in scripture and learn how  we can all begin “Praying Like Jesus.”


  1. Learning From the Master (David Roberson; 11/5/2017)
  2. Being Persistent in Prayer (David Roberson; 11/12/2017)
  3. The Garden of Gethsemane (Jay Scott; 11/19/2017)
  4. The Real Lord’s Prayer (David Roberson; 11/26/2017)

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