For the next nine weeks, we will dig deep into our vision, Follow Jesus Together. It’s clear that our vision is the core reason as to why we exist as a church, but how do we turn our vision into reality?

The ‘Reach’ series is designed to explore that question in detail. To ‘Follow Jesus Together’ means that we will “Reach Out” to our friends who are yet to know Jesus, “Reach Up” as we grow in our relationship with Jesus, and “Reach Deep” as God calls us to make an impact in our world.

Reach Out, Reach Up, and Reach Deep as we Follow Jesus Together!


  1. Reach Out: Care (Jay Scott)
  2. Reach Out: Jesus and the Leper (Jay Scott)
  3. Reach Out: Who’s Your One? (Arron Chambers)
  4. Reach Up: Grow (Austin Seevers)
  5. Reach Up: Attitude (Jay Scott)
  6. Reach Up: Press On (Jay Scott)
  7. Reach Deep: Everyone Has a Part (Austin Seevers)
  8. Reach Deep: Mindset (Lee Cox)
  9. Reach Deep (Jay Scott)

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