Often when we are in a season of unique challenges, God will surprise us with unique blessings.

We have seen that while Ruth and Naomi navigate their unique challenges, God was clearly working on providing them with unique blessings and an extra layer of protection through Boaz.

God is constantly at work in our lives, even when we don’t see Him or recognize His work in action.

Sermon preached on May 9, 2021.

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Digging Deeper

Want to get a little deeper into the study? Below are some questions and thoughts to consider based on the sermon message. Feel free to work through them on your own, as a family or in your small group. (Discussion questions for elementary-age kids can be found below.) If you have questions, please contact us.

Discussion Questions:

  • How does Ruth’s request at the beginning of this passage demonstrate her care for Naomi? (For further discussion read Deuteronomy 24:17-22. What does this passage reveal to you about Boaz’s faith?)
  • What are the different things in the section that Boaz provides for Ruth? Why do you think all of these things were important for Ruth to receive?
  • When people help others, we tend to view them as the ones who provided what was needed. How can we be reminded in those moments of God’s work through people? (For further discussion, read Psalm 121:1-2)
  • Reflecting on this chapter, when is it difficult for you to trust that God will provide?
  • When has God “just so happened” to orchestrate events, relationships, or changes in your life? Did you realize He was moving at the time? How do you see His hand now that you’re past the situation?
  • This week take time to reflect on the ways that God has protected and provided for you. Write what comes to mind and pray a prayer of gratitude towards God.

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