Community Engagement

Christians tend to fall into one of three camps: the ‘Isolated Camp,’ the ‘Worldly Camp’ or the ‘Just Following Jesus Camp.’

People in the ‘Isolated Camp’ are too far removed from those who are yet to know Jesus and the people in the ‘Worldly Camp’ have a very one-sided relationship with Jesus. For us to live out our core value of ‘Community Engagement,’ we need to get out of the Isolated Camp or the Worldly Camp and join the ‘Just Following Jesus Camp!’

Sermon preached on January 26, 2020.


  • What was Matthew risking by leaving his booth to follow Jesus? Why do you think he responded in the way that he did?
  • Matthew left his old life behind, yet all of his buddies show up at a dinner to see Jesus. Why do you think they came to eat with Jesus?
  • If you were one of the disciples and the Pharisees questioned you about Jesus’ actions, how would you have responded? What might have been going through your mind?
  • Read Matthew 9:10-11. What do these verses reveal to you about Jesus? How do these verses change the way that we approach Christianity today?


  • Last fall we asked the question, “Who’s your one?” How does this event encourage you in sharing Jesus with your one?

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