Intergenerational Relationships

Whatever age we are, whatever generation we are a part of, the challenge is for us to intentionally seek out a relationship with someone who is older than we are and with someone who is younger than we are.

Every generation can be a spiritual blessing to the other generations!

  1. Encourage faith in God.
  2. Share stories of what God has done and what God is doing.
  3. Set an example of obedience to God.

Sermon preached on January 24, 2021.

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Digging Deeper

Want to get a little deeper into the study? Below are some questions and thoughts to consider based on the sermon message. Feel free to work through them on your own, as a family or in your small group. (Discussion questions for elementary-age kids can be found below.) If you have questions, please contact us.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why was this Psalm written and what is at the heart of its message?
  • How does our culture encourage young people today to pursue their talents (i.e. sports, academics, work)? How do I encourage my children or other children in these ways? How do I encourage them in their faith?
  • Why are stories so powerful and intriguing? How could you use the power of story to encourage someone from a younger or an older generation spiritually?
  • In what ways can I model my faith and obedience to God for someone from the next generation?
  • What is something I can do this week that would encourage someone from another generation spiritually?

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