The Search

The quality of search determines the value of what is lost.

Sermon preached on March 14, 2021.

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Digging Deeper

Want to get a little deeper into the study? Below are some questions and thoughts to consider based on the sermon message. Feel free to work through them on your own, as a family or in your small group. (Discussion questions for elementary-age kids can be found below.) If you have questions, please contact us.

Discussion Questions:

  • What is the context of this parable? Who are the groups of people Jesus is talking to and why does he begin to tell the parables found in Luke 15?
  • Luke 15:2 tells us that Jesus welcomed the sinners and tax collectors. Why is it important to make sure those who are yet to know Jesus feel welcomed What does this look like in the church?
  • What do you notice about the lady’s search? Why do you think Jesus chose to use this parable?
  • The quality of the search determines the value of what is lost. What is your response to this statement? When have you noticed this with something in your own life?
  • Read Luke 19:10. How is the parable of the lost coin and the gospel similar?
  • On Sunday, we said that, just like the lady who lost a coin, Jesus is asking us to grab a broom and help search. How can you intentionally invest in your one this week?

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