Reach Deep

We conclude our ‘Reach’ series with some challenging questions:

  1. Who is your one? Who is God asking you to reach out to? Don’t be afraid of “action,” but rather “inaction.”
  2. Are you spending real time with Jesus? Pick a place, pick a page, pick a pen.
  3. Are we doing life with Jesus? Jesus is calling all of us to “do life” with him. As we do life with Jesus, he will lead us to do things on this side of eternity that will bring him glory as we honor other people.

Sermon preached on December 1, 2019.


  • What does it mean to rejoice in the Lord? Why do you think he specifies “always”? Describe how it might be possible to do this even in hard times.
  • Read Philippians 4:8. How does our mindset affect our attitude? How have you seen this work in your life?
  • Twice in this passage Paul references the “peace of God.” What does it look like for the God of peace to be with someone?
  • In verse 11-12 Paul speaks about his contentment in every circumstance. What keeps us from feeling the contentment Paul felt?

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