Reach Out: Care

What does it mean to come shoulder to shoulder with someone who is yet to know Jesus? This question is explored as we discuss four key things that we need to know about helping others come to know Jesus:

  1. It doesn’t “just happen.”
  2. It will often get messy.
  3. Expect obstacles and setbacks
  4. We do not do it alone

Sermon preached on October 6, 2019.


  • Why were these guys so determined to get their friend to Jesus? What do you think led to this determination?
  • At first, the men found a roadblock on getting their friend to Jesus. What are some roadblocks that get in our way of sharing Jesus with others?
  • It’s evident that these men cared about their friend and would do whatever it took to get him to Jesus. How does caring about someone relate to introducing them to Jesus?
  • Who is it that God has laid on your heart to help come to know Jesus? Have you started sharing Jesus with them? If so, how has your experience been thus far?


  • Who’s your one? What can you do this week to help take steps towards sharing Jesus with this person?

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