The Greatest Commandment

A Pharisee asked Jesus, “What is the greatest commandment?”

The answer Jesus gave still guides us to this day.

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”

Sermon preached on July 18, 2021.

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Digging Deeper

Want to get a little deeper into the study? Below are some questions and thoughts to consider based on the sermon message. Feel free to work through them on your own, as a family or in your small group. (Discussion questions for elementary-age kids can be found below.) If you have questions, please contact us.

Discussion Questions:

  • Why were so many people testing Jesus with their questions in this chapter? What is significant about the Pharisee’s question since he was an expert in the law? Wouldn’t this Pharisee have known about the Shema? The Shema is found in Deuteronomy 6:4-5 and was recited daily (Deut. 6:7).
  • Read Leviticus 19:18. Why does Jesus say the second commandment is like the first? How is it “like” it?
  • At this point in the life of Jesus when only the written OT was made available, why did Jesus say all the Law and Prophets were dependent on these two commandments?
  • Jesus used the phrase “with all of your heart.” What is the significance of the heart in connection with these two commandments? How does the heart lead to our actions?
  • Jesus doesn’t give any stipulations to loving someone else. What are some examples of how Jesus modeled this type of love? In our culture, how do you think we do at loving others? How would you gauge your own actions?
  • Jesus said to love others as we do ourselves. First, we have to love ourselves. What makes this easy or difficult? Considering Jesus’ mission to save, demonstrated in the crucifixion and resurrection, and the description of being made in the image of God, found in Genesis 1, how would you describe your worth? Reflecting on that mindset, how does this affect the way we treat and value others?
  • This week reflect on the phrase “head to heart to hands.” How do my thoughts guide my feelings? How do my feelings guide my actions?

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