A Time of Celebration

  •  God’s faithfulness isn’t subject to our location or situation.
  • God’s favor is upon His people.
  • When we have faith that God is in control, we can be in control.
  • The battle is won, but the fight is not over.

Sermon preached on May 31, 2020.


  • Reflect on your life. What are some moments in life that have only happened because God has intervened? These are moments where you say that could only happen because of God.
  • In the concluding chapters of Esther we see that the battle is won, but the fight is not over. Mordecai and the rest of God’s people still had to fight. What are some things you have had to fight for during this pandemic?
  • Why is it important to celebrate certain moments in life?
  • How do you practice communion? What thoughts, prayers, reflections do you normally have while taking communion? How has communion changed for you during this pandemic?


  • What is something you can do this week to celebrate what God has done in your life?
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