The Geneaology

God was in a covenant relationship with both Abraham and David. The genealogy of Jesus reflects that, but following Jesus is a choice. It is a NEW covenant relationship based on faith.

Our family of origin often has a lot to do with how we view God and treat others. From the genealogy of Jesus, we learn:

  • Jesus’ family origin is far from perfect.
  • God placed you in your family of origin for a reason and Jesus can bring peace to that.
  • Even in the darkest moments or deepest pains, our family or origin can be brought into God’s marvelous light.

Sermon preached on June 7, 2020.


  • Reflect on the current racial injustice across our nation. How does a study on the life of Jesus remind us how to live, love, and listen? Where do you feel called to fight against injustice?
  • Why do you think Matthew started his gospel with the genealogy of Jesus?
  • There are several women in the genealogy, which is counter to the Jewish genealogy record keeping of the time. Why do you think Matthew included these female names? Why was this important to Jesus’ ministry?
  • Read Genesis 12:1-3 & 15:1-6. Why do you think Matthew writes Abraham’s name in the first sentence? What would this mean to a Jewish audience in light of the scriptures in the Genesis reference?


  • Who is someone in your family that you could spiritually invest in? What is the next step of investment you could make this week? For further study this week, consider looking up some of the names in Jesus’ genealogy and dig more into their lives.
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