Yes, yes… No, no…

Jesus has a lot to say about keeping our word and the importance of oaths. All of us are guilty of saying one thing and doing another. It’s a problem with all of humanity. Jesus tells us to “simply let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no.'”

Sermon preached on June 28, 2020.


  • In multiple passages in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says, “You have heard that it was said… But I tell you…” Why did Jesus take these statements into further explanation?
  • In our culture today, why is this passage such an important teaching for us? Why do you think we struggle with keeping our word?
  • Read Matthew 5:37 and James 5:12. Why do you think we simply need to say yes or no? What makes us go beyond that in our commitments?
  • How do exaggerated promises affect people’s relationships?


  • How can being honest with other people improve our relationship with God? This week, let’s take steps toward integrity and honesty in our relationship with others.
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