“A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ…”

Depending on your translation of the Bible, those are the first words of the first book of the first chapter of the New Testament, Matthew 1:1. (Jay Scott tends to favor the 1984 NIV translation.) To a Jewish person of the day, “Christ” would have been immediately understood as “Messiah,” which would have caused that person to think, “Son of David.”

Why is that important?

Good question! For us to fully understand who and what Jesus is, we have to know a bit about his lineage. For those of you who were with us for our last sermon series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” you have the benefit of having already heard a lot about David from our study of 1 & 2 Samuel. (In case you missed it, feel free to check out our message archive.)

To be brief — King David is a very important person in Jewish history, second only to Abraham, and Jesus is his descendant.

In this series, we’re going to explore exactly how King David directly connects to Jesus, our Messiah. More specifically, we’re going to discover the deep (yet often overlooked) significance of those first few words of Matthew 1:1 and why it is so important the Jesus is often referred to as the Son of David.


  1. Why Bethlehem? (Jay Scott)
  2. Why Mary? (Austin Seevers)
  3. Why Joseph? (Jay Scott)
  4. A Child! God’s Plan (Christmas Eve — Jay Scott)
  5. Why Nazareth? (Jay Scott)
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