For the next several weeks, we will be taking a deep dive into the first thirteen chapters of the Gospel of Matthew.

Matthew is the first of the four gospels written in the New Testament and it serves as a sort of bridge between the Old and New Testaments. It was also a gospel written by a Jewish person for Jewish people. That point is made quite clear in the very first chapter of Matthew when he provides us with the [somewhat dull but very important] genealogy of Jesus.

As we work though Matthew, we will uncover a detailed retelling of the life, ministry, miracles, death and resurrection of Jesus. Matthew covers a wide variety of topics — from the importance of oaths to the warning against worry, from the caution against storing our treasures here on Earth to reminding us of the cost of being a follower of Jesus.

There’s a lot of great stuff to unpack in the first thirteen chapters of Matthew and we have the entire summer to work through it. Join us as we spend the ‘Summer in the Son!


  1. The Genealogy (Jay Scott)
  2. John the Baptist (Jay Scott)
  3. The Baptism of Jesus (Jay Scott)
  4. Yes, yes… No, no… (Jay Scott)
  5. Treasures in Heaven (Jay Scott)
  6. Do Not Worry (Jay Scott)
  7. VBS Celebration (Tom Sherrod, Jay Scott)
  8. The Cost (Austin Seevers)
  9. Jaws Drop (Austin Seevers)
  10. Rule Breaker (Lee Cox)
  11. Two Blind Men (Jay Scott)
  12. Rest for the Weary (Jay Scott)
  13. Without Honor (Austin Seevers)
  14. Get Out of the Boat (Austin Seevers)
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