If we have learned anything in life it’s that no one can avoid crisis. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do or how well you live, all of us are either heading into a crisis, in the middle of crisis or just coming out of a crisis. That may sound a bit discouraging, but it is a reality that all of humanity has had to deal with throughout history (and not just in the year 2020).

For this sermon series, we wanted to get a biblical perspective on “crisis” and how some key figures in the Old Testament managed to work through them in concert with God (and sometimes in rebellion). These events are recorded in 1st & 2nd Samuel and begins with the origins of Samuel himself. As we work through this series we will follow the fascinating story of Israel asking for a king and how Saul and David both led in that role.

More importantly, we will look at how their choices sometimes led to a series of unfortunate events that spelled trouble for them personally and for the nation they ruled over. Yet, in spite of every bad decision, every unfortunate event and crisis, God was always in control.


  1. Samuel and Eli’s Wicked Sons (Jay Scott)
  2. Israel Asks for a King (Jay Scott)
  3. Saul Disobeys God (Jay Scott)
  4. David & Goliath (Jay Scott)
  5. Saul’s Jealousy (Austin Seevers)
  6. David Made King (Jay Scott)
  7. David & Bathsheba (Austin Seevers)
  8. Absalom Rebels (Jay Scott)
  9. David Returns (Jay Scott)
  10. David’s Last Words (Jay Scott)
  11. David Counts the Men (Jay Scott)
  12. Solomon Becomes King (Jay Scott)

If you’re not familiar with 1st & 2nd Samuel, there’s a handy seven minute refresher available from the BibleProject on YouTube.

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