Biologically speaking, the base core of each and every human being can be found in our genetic makeup — our DNA. If you have ever submitted a genetic sample to Ancestry or 23 & Me, you know that our genetics don’t just dictate our physical traits, it also tells a story about where we come from and a little bit about who we are, and why.

The same can be said for the church. As every person has a unique DNA, every church is composed of individuals with a unique set of gifts — which blesses that particular church with a unique place in God’s Kingdom here on Earth. For Worthington Christian Church, we have looked long and hard at who we are as a body of believers and recognized five core values that define us:

  • Biblical Authority
  • Urgent Prayer
  • Community Engagement
  • Intergenerational Relationships
  • Relentless Compassion

We feel that those values are in our DNA — they are at the core of what makes us. During the ‘What Makes Us’ sermon series, we will explore what each of those values mean, not just for Worthington Christian Church, but for each of us as individuals.


  1. Biblical Authority (Austin Seevers)
  2. Urgent Prayer (Jay Scott)
  3. Community Engagement (Austin Seevers)
  4. Intergenerational Relationships (Tom Sherrod)
  5. Compassion (Jay Scott)
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