How often do you get mad? What are your triggers?

For many of us, anger can hit pretty easily. Traffic is terrible and someone cut you off → anger. Your boss dropped a last minute project on your lap and you’re already swamped → anger. The item you recently purchased is unsatisfactory and the company you bought it from won’t issue a refund → anger.

While getting mad about various situations in life is pretty normal, for some of us, we can get really angry over fairly inconsequential things — almost as a whim.

Jesus doesn’t work like that. As you read through the gospels, it’s pretty obvious that he never does anything on a whim. He doesn’t forgive on a whim, he doesn’t perform miracles on a whim… and he doesn’t get angry on a whim, either.

With that in mind, it is important to remember these three questions as we work through our ‘What Made Jesus Mad?’ sermon series:

  1. What made Jesus mad?
  2. When did Jesus become mad?
  3. How did Jesus express his anger?

As we explore the gospels, we will use these questions to guide us as we discuss what made Jesus mad. We will also discuss what that means for us as followers of Jesus. In the end, our hope is that by better understanding the things that made Jesus mad, we will better understand Jesus and his teachings for all of us.


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